Authentic Revival

It was just a simple invitation and the altar was flooded with hungry hearts, needing a fresh touch from God. I’m not sure I’ve ever witnessed how quickly an altar filled up this particular Sunday but they came ready for refreshing and answers. I wanted God’s spirit to just take over, I didn’t want the feeling to leave. It was real and it was what we’ve been praying for. It was just a glimpse of what God wants to do again and again around the globe, in every church, in every nation and crossing all denominational ties. Our church is on the brink of something explosive. I don’t want to miss a service, We come expecting and ready, open and focused.

I’ve been drawn with hunger to true authentic Revival for many years. If I see the word revival on the headlines of an article, book, blog, youtube or the paper, I’m intrigued and anxious to read it. I can’t get away from it, God has been in Revival since he left the earth when He promised to send His spirit and pour it out. I’ve told my family in jest that I want to be buried with the book “Another Wave of Revival.” God has always had Revival brimming, and just like those gathered in the Upper Room and those gathered at Azusa, Asbury, Pensacola, and The Great Awakening, He has something for this generation that is just as powerful and effective. I’m hungry for it. What will it look like in this generation? Only God truly knows that answer but He wants to sweep our world again with it!

I’ve been asking myself lately, am I just intrigued with it and love to read about or do I really want to see it happen? I came to the conclusion, that yes, I really want it, there is no feeling like being in the presence of God, fully present, weeping, hungering, interceding, and being surrounded by his beautiful presence, but only God can bring this and he does it through those hungering for nothing more than Him!

In the Azusa revival it is recorded that those attending could be found for hours laid out on the floor sometimes weeping and interceding and at other times there was a quiet sacred hush that came over the whole congregation and people would give up any time restraints just to sit and soak in the awesome presence of God happening. People hungered and they came from around the globe to experience what was happening. Many gave up any time constraints and responsibilities at home or on their jobs to travel to California and experience the authentic global transformation that was happening. It spread to many places globally. People from all races, religious backgrounds and manmade systems left their ties to what was familiar to them to come and experience this grand authentic move. You had to be there, present, to know the feeling of being completely lost in Him.

So what does this authentic move of Revival look like for us today a hundred years past the time of Azusa? Or 50 years removed from the Asbury revival? Or from the Great Awakening at the turn of the century? What does it look like in 2022? Life seems to be careening forward at record breaking speed. Our lives are busier than ever before with the quick speed of computers, cell phones that can get us information in just seconds, our curiosity is distracted and torn in so many different directions that our focus on Him has suffered like never before. We have to be intentional in spending time with God every day. When we pray and seek God with all of our heart ask him to remove distractions, time restraints and the pressure to keep up with the latest and greatest causing us to work unreasonable hours and neglecting our time with him in the process. When the church offers open doors for prayer and they make time in services for the move of the spirit, take full advantage of that. Put away your cell phones, clear your mind and fully engage in the moment. Don’t miss church, be faithful to the house of God every time the doors are open. Be a praiser and help usher in an atmosphere where God can move in and change the whole dynamic of the service.. When our hearts stay hungry, when our minds are steadfast and focused, when we give up all time traps and let our hearts and minds fully engage, there is no telling what God will do for us. I don’t want to miss what I feel brimming in my Spirit, a Revival that will change our world as we know it. He promised to do greater things than he even ever experienced and I am fully confident he will do it. Are you ready? If not, get ready, you don’t want to miss the Revival coming that will change our world!


2 thoughts on “Authentic Revival

  1. I feel it too Mary . . . We are on the brink of revival and I can’t wait! To be caught in His presence and watching lives be transformed spiritually, physiologically, emotionally, physically . . . Watching God preform miracles to those who desire them! I can’t wait to be caught up in the middle of it all!

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