Keep Eating Avocado Toast

Real, I’ve always been drawn to it. Homemade pie made from scratch with “real” ingredients, or a genuine authentic heart that flows with pure beauty and honesty, I love it. There is, however, a risk in being transparent. Sometimes it can taste different and sometimes authenticity hurts and crushes us; at other times, it leaves us moments of pure beauty and awe. Nothing can be compared to real, it’s refreshing and most of the time, we welcome it, if we have an open heart. Whether it hurts us or whether it refreshes us, being genuine is always good. “Real” always comes with a risk worth taking but you end up with something of great worth.

The first time I really enjoyed avocado toast, I couldn’t believe the amazing flavor and the instant gratification it gave me. I do enjoy avocado but it’s not necessarily on my top ten list of favorite foods. When I chose “avocado toast” off the menu and decided to give it a try, it was truly amazing. It was refreshing, tasty and most of all, it felt healthy. My taste buds were completely satisfied, so the smile I had covering my face, depicted all the above. I dealt with the doubt that I had that it could even be slightly enjoyable, but I was willing to try it. It went beyond my expectations and more. The flavor melted in my mouth and before I knew it, I had wiped out the entire entree. I can easily talk about my experience because I gave it a chance and loved it.

For a lot of us, like trying avocado toast, “the elephant” in the room isn’t easy to talk about but it’s in choosing to talk about it, that the real comes out, clearing our perspective on someone else’s viewpoint. And it’s invigorating. What can add flavor is when tension about the elephant starts rising. Our face may turn all shades of red, but we can get through the conversation, with a right attitude and spirit if we take the risk of being honest. Unfortunately, I’ve seen both sides throughout my life. By both sides I mean a battle always has two sides. The winning side and the losing side. You may forfeit friendships and relationships over being real, but you win by realizing that a particular relationship wasn’t meant for you. Not because who we lose is a bad person but because they be hindering you from becoming who you are meant to be.

To read more on this article, you can read it in my newly released book “The Elephant Has left the Room”. It can be purchased here on my blog or on Amazon.


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