Friends and Forever

We were in the second grade and it just happened naturally, I’m not sure when we “first” met, but it was an innocent kindred friendship that just formed naturally and it has lasted for over 45 years now. Michelle always had my back. I remember in High School she warned me about a guy that wouldn’t be good for me, she warned me to stay clear from him. He had wrong intentions and I knew he wasn’t a good guy but sometimes your just vulnerable and she was looking out for me like any good friend would. We spent time in each others homes and it was in Michelle’s home that her mom introduced me to my first try at Kibosa and sauerkraut and it was awesome. I remember when Michelle’s home had a house fire, and they lost most of their belongings and how sad that was, but she was happy that the figurines she collected at the time made it through the fire and one was an elephant that I had purchased for her. In the fifth grade we built a gingerbread house together in our classroom and it turned out amazing! We got in a disagreement one day on the playground and I thought it may be the end of our friendship but it wasn’t. Years later, after I moved away to Indiana, her family traveled to see me after I had breast cancer and we both still talk about that trip and the profound effect it had on us. For my 50th birthday my family flew me out to see her for a few days, and she made those days the most special time of our friendship! It meant the world to me! When my mom passed, she was there at her funeral, forging another reason why this friendship is so dear to my heart.

So it seems like forever ago now that we first met and the years have proven that true friendships last, and they have a profound effect on our lives. We don’t talk much at all, maybe just a handful of times during our friendship, but we know that at any moment, if a crisis comes up, we would be there for each other.

But there is a forever friendship that I want to talk about that changed my life forever. I was walking out of a prayer meeting, early on a foggy California morning, grieving still the passing of my dad at such a young age and it was like an audible voice spoke to me, I heard the whisper of God’s voice as he gently took me by the hand (in my mind) and said, “I’ve got this, for the rest of your life we are going to do life together.” He has been a father to me, a good, good father and my best friend.

He was there when I walked down the isle on my wedding day and his anointing filled our ceremony. He was there when both of my kids were born filling our room with joy and blessings I’ll forever be grateful. He was there when we purchased our first home, started a church, and through every high and low there has ever been. He’s been there.

He was the father and friend I needed when I got my cancer diagnosis, the peace I felt throughout the whole trial was amazing and then the miraculous phone call came and I heard the doctor’s astounded voice say, “You have no cancer, you won’t need chemo or radiation, you won’t need to take medicine, you have no cancer.” He was so faithful to give me the gift of a better life.

He walked with me through the entire time my mom was passing away, he pushed away anxiety when it was tempting to take over my mind. His peace filled the room many times as my mom and I would enjoy an afternoon or morning together. He was there as we shared a favorite book, a cup of coffee, and talked about life and scripture. When others may not of understood what I was going through at this time, He did. And that’s all that mattered.

When I walked through a severe depression and a midnight I wasn’t sure I’d make it through, He was there promising me I would. When my mind was choking from anxiety and fear, and not knowing what tomorrow held, he was there.

He’s not only my friend but one that will be there forever and throughout eternity. He’s my forever friend and he wants to be yours too, He’s got you, holding your hand and saying, “we’ve got this” and trust me…he does forever!


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