Introducing my new grandson Carter Jacob Fontaine

I am smitten. This little guy showed up in our world May 15th at 11:00 pm weighing 9 pounds 11 ounces. He’s as cute as a button plus more. There is nothing like this feeling. It is hard to describe. My first grand baby. Pure Joy, overload on the heart, and just so peaceful! Our hearts are so grateful he’s healthy, eating well and taking on his own personality already. The plans God has for him are already written, plans to prosper him and bring him hope and a great future. A new beginning with no flaws, priceless.

When looking at our lives, living in a broken world where sin and darkness could literally choke the life out of us, I’m so grateful God gives us these moments of complete pureness; a time to catch our breath and live in the moment of newness and wonder. A newborn baby represents a new start. A complete individual with their own personality and style. No one will be just like them. They are unique. One of a kind. Fresh. New. And nothing in all the world can stop them from being someone different. Set aside. An individual who will grow and become like no other in the world. God designs us perfectly like that. Made in His image, if we allow Him, we are shaped and molded to be individuals who are destined to do great things with our lives.

Because Jesus went to a cross and died for our sins, God gives each of us this fresh new start every time we ask for forgiveness. Does it give us permission to keep sinning? Absolutely not. For once you have experienced true forgiveness and you are given a fresh new start, you will want to protect yourself from sin. What is even more awesome, is that God gives each of us the opportunity to be filled with His Spirit and it is the Spirit that protects our soul and gives us the chance to start fresh and new. Do you want a fresh start? A new beginning? A new slate that is completely white and pure? God wants to give us this fresh start. Just like a newborn baby has the chance to live in the beauty of pureness and newness, we have that same chance every time we come before him and ask for his forgiveness. This is a daily routine for me and when I’m done asking for forgiveness there is nothing like that warm inspiration from the Spirit cleansing and making me whole again.

Just like my grandson Carter Jacob living out his first few weeks of life, fresh and new, God wants the same for you. He loves fresh new beginnings because it is then that our hearts our open and He can transplant us to new places of growth and maturity, giving us the chance to start fresh and new and do something great with our lives.. He wants that for you and it is the most refreshing fulfilling experience you can have. Filled fresh with His spirit, forgiven and cleansed from all unrighteousness. Let God do that for you and watch as His perfect plan explodes in your life, giving you a fresh new start!


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