Beauty in the Chaos

This week we invited the family over for a last minute game night. Game nights and family are a ritual in the Hudson home. This particular night I had envisioned a fun night with the family; laughter, winning, and dessert, little did I know the chaos that was about to unfold. Soon our home was filled with family and chaos. Some were eating dinner, our new born grandson Carter was waking from a nap and a tad fussy, and my husband decided to leave with my father-in-law to pick up our car that had been repaired. Others would arrive late, filling the room with the details of how their day had unfolded. This was nothing like the evening I pictured in my mind, but somehow it was all okay, there was beauty in this chaos and I couldn’t have been happier.

Sometimes it’s okay to throw out our expectations and take in everything that is happening around us. I watched as each one settled in and game night finally started. Soon the competitive juices were flowing and each team was anticipating the big win and playing like their lives depended on it. The chaos never ended. We added lava cake dessert and pass the baby around to the mix, while still trying to have multiple conversations and remembering who’s turn it was. Chaos was now the atmosphere of the night.

I didn’t realize it in the moment, but as I reflected on the evening I realized we can actually gain a lot of wisdom while watching and listening when chaos becomes the norm. I learned that my daughter had a beautiful way of taking care of our grand baby, her patience and love was admirable. I observed that our son was really being used at his job to be effective in his department. As I passed out the lava cake I could sense that Jon, my husband, had reached his capacity with all the commotion that was going on. Though my father-in-law was smiling, I think he was likely in the same boat. But at the end of the evening I think all would agree that the night was fun and that we were all happy that we had chose to get together and enjoy the chaos!!

I believe Jesus lived in chaos. Who would suggest that as He is feeding the five thousand that the moment was a peaceful dinner with no noise, attitudes or crazy chaos? I think not! Or how about when he walked dusty roads healing the sick and crippled, that these moments were void of challenging chaos? What about when the lame man was being let down through the roof of a home because the house was filled to capacity? A calm moment, anything but. It was mayhem, total chaos with all kinds of opinions and attitudes. How about when Jesus went to the cross? The weeping, lashing out of soldiers, crown of thorns, screams from both those for and against Jesus. Throw in some thunder and lightening and an earthquake as He takes His last breath and what do you have? The perfect recipe for chaos. But may I suggest that somehow there was beauty in every chaotic moment.

We tend to avoid chaos. We say that there is beauty in the quiet sounds of nature or the quiet atmosphere of an empty room. Yes, these times are needed and we should take time for them, but don’t discount the miraculous of the mayhem. The next time you are feeling overwhelmed by all the noise and craziness surrounding you, start taking in the miraculous moment that you may mislabel. The freshness of a new borns cry and needing his mother to comfort him, the realization that the chaotic conversation may feed your soul if you truly listen. In the end, and in the midst of it all, know that dessert will be served, the chaos will end, that you will have a memory that will fill your heart, and that there is a beautiful feeling of contentment even in chaos.

There is so much beauty in the chaos, never discount it’s worth!


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