Positively Disrupt Us

Campuses are becoming altars for the hungry and desperate people of this generation. Prayer meetings have caught the attention of our news reporters. There is no doubt the hunger for revival is spreading around the globe. And it has caught the attention of high school students, college campuses, younger churches, and established congregations worldwide. 

Researching revival has been my heart for as long as I can remember. Just recently, I ran across this definition that woke something in my spirit. It began to ignite a new fire that I haven’t experienced before. It is something new! This revival was defined as a “positive disruption awakening the soul.” It means to interrupt causing a disturbance! Being caught up in revival fire will look different, feel different, and be experienced differently than what we may expect or assume it to look like. There is no way in our human endeavors, we could have articulated or explained God’s spirit moving in our world like He is doing because He is doing something new that is positively disrupting people’s hearts. Our hearts must be open.

We may have assumed it would look like another Pentecost or Azusa, another Asbury or possibly explained as the Third Awakening. However, this revival may be defined as something that is truly amazingly new. It is being breathed into a young generation starving for something fresh and vibrant. This revival, like all revivals, was ignited at an altar of pure, naïve hunger that wanted nothing more than God’s Spirit doing the impossible, and it is happening and having a positive impact on thousands around the world.

Anxious to be a part of this newfound disruption, we ventured to a small college campus experiencing an outpouring of God’s Spirit. What we witnessed was beautiful. Pure. Eye opening. It shattered every expectation my small mind thought it might look like. It was humble. It was tattooed, it was grungy, it was young people in total surrender, stepping over chairs to pray for a stranger, some crumbled on the floor, but more importantly a move of the Spirit that was igniting a fire that invited the whole world to be a part. It captivated my heart and set a fire burning.

My prayer is that the Spirit will positively disrupt everything that may be stubborn, bitter, calloused, cold, lukewarm, stale, judgmental, fake and carnal and turn hearts toward Him in total surrender, reaching a world hungry and desperate for Jesus. What will ignite this passion to change starving hearts and desperate hearts. Prayer! Prayer will erase doubts and fears and give us the oil to light our lamp so that the Spirit can ignite our hearts for a positive disruption that will transform our world.


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